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A plugin for generating SEO meta tags
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Kirby 3 SEO Plugin

A small plugin for generating meta data using shared controllers and field data. Also creates Facebook Opengraph and Twitter social sharing information.



To use this plugin, place all the files in site/plugins/kirby3-seo.


composer require hashandsalt/kirby3-seo

Commerical Usage

This plugin is free but if you use it in a commercial project please consider to


After installing the plugin, setup controllers to bring in the shared SEO controller into each of your template controllers.

The bare minimum controller looks like this:


return function ($page, $kirby, $site) {

  // SEO
  $seo = $kirby->controller('seo' , compact('page', 'site', 'kirby'));

  return $seo;


To override any of the values, you can do this inside your controller. For example, to change the format of the meta title, you could do this:


return function ($page, $kirby, $site) {

  // Meta
  $seo = $kirby->controller('seo' , compact('page', 'site', 'kirby'));

  // Override Meta Title
  $metatitle = $page->seotitle().' | '.$site->title();

  $data = compact('metatitle');

  return a::merge($seo, $data);


Additionally, you need to populate the pages with information that is needed for the meta tags to be filled out correctly. The plugin contains blueprints for this and are meant to be used as tabs in your pages:

title:     Default


  meta: tabs/seo/meta

In the site.yml also setup the contact tab which will capture social media account information.

title:     Site


  # Contact
  contact: tabs/seo/contact

Finally, output the meta tags in your templates with the following snippet.

<?= snippet('seo/meta') ?>

For convenience the plugin also contains a favicon snippet:

<?= snippet('seo/favicon') ?>

You can generate the favicons at this website link

Generating JSON Schema data

To generate any kind of schema data, you can use our Schema plugin in tandem with this plugin.

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