Slate is a responsive framework for building the most awesome things for the web.
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Slate Config

This repository is part of the Slate Framework. Slate is a responsive, modern web framework written in Sass. It is packed full of features to help you build the most awesome things for the web. This is a copy of the default config variables for reference or use in your own projects if you not using Slate Engine, which has them already set. They are intended to be used with Slate Core, in your own asset pipeline.

Quick Start

Download the files and import _slate-engine.scss at the top of your sass file to override the default variables. Slate Core was intended to be used along side Normalize, so please install that into your project too, and include it above _slate-engine.scss in your Sass file.

Don't have an asset pipeline?

If you need a way to compile your project, we have that covered too. Slate Engine is a build tool based on Laravel Mix, NPM scripts, and bash. It also has Slate ready wired up, and ready to rock. You can get this here.

For full documentation, visit

Slate was made with ♥ by Hash&Salt