Motorola TI Syslink for OMAP4 (Droid 3 / Bionic)
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Need to check for the following before using autotools:
	Tools Prequisites:
	1. Autoconf version: 2.61 and above.
	2. Automake version: 1.9.6 and above.
	3. libtool version : 1.5.6 and above.

	Set the following envirnoment variables:
	1. export ARCH=arm
	2. export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi-
	3. Point your shell(sh) to bash. It is assumed that the references to
	   sh in this README documents is actually pointing to /bin/bash

	To enable DEBUG Option:
	1. You can enable the DEBUG option by uncommenting the following line
	   # ENABLE_DEBUG=--enable-debug in file.
	2. You can also enable the DEBUG option by entering
	   ./configure --enable-debug.
	   Note: please check for ./configure --help before running configure.

Steps to Build SysLink:
1st Method:
	Build directions:
	1. sh --clean  --> for clean build.
	2. sh ---> for normal build.
	3. Enter the Prefix path (This is the root of userspace syslink)
	    (e.g., /omap_data/development/projects/userspace-syslink)
	4. Enter the Tiler-Userspace Path
	    (e.g., /omap_data/development/projects/tiler-userspace)
	5. Enter the path to kernel-syslink (Optional)
	    (e.g., /omap_data/development/projects/kernel-syslink)
	6. Enter the Toolchain Path
	    ( e.g., /omap_data/omapts/arm-2009q1-203/bin)
	7. It will display the following options
		1--------------> Build Syslink Only
		Any other Option to exit from Build system

		Enter your option:
	8. If option 1 is chosen then
	    a. First the is built and installed in $(PREFIX)/target/lib
	    b. Second the SysLink APIs, daemons and samples will be built and
	       installed in $(PREFIX)/target/lib and $(PREFIX)/target/syslink folder

2nd Method:
	1. Tiler library ( needs to be built and installed first as
	   SysLinkMemUtils module depends on the tiler code.
	2. The Tiler library should have been built with autotools, and the
	   pkgconfig folder exists in the appropriate folder. The required package
	   details like  the include/memmgr are also assumed to be present in the
	   appropriate target folder.

	To build only SysLink:
	1. export PATH=<Toolchain Path>:$PATH
	    (e.g., Toolchain path:/omap_data/omapts/arm-2009q1-203/bin)
	2. cd syslink
	3. sh
	4. ./configure --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi --prefix=<PREFIX PATH>
	    --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu PKG_CONFIG_PATH=<PREFIX PATH>/target/lib/pkgconfig/
	   the root of the target file system, whereas SYSLINK-PATH is the root of
	   the userspace syslink folder. The PREFIX and KRNLSRC variables are
	   required only to build any kernel sample/module.)
	6. make install (Note: the binaries and lib would be copied to the
	   $PREFIX/bin and $PREFIX/lib folders respectively).
	7. cd -

Steps to build only the SysLink APIs:
	1. export PATH=<Toolchain Path>:$PATH
	    (e.g., Toolchain path:/omap_data/omapts/arm-2009q1-203/bin)
	2. cd syslink
	3. sh
	4. ./configure --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi --prefix=<PREFIX PATH>
	5. cd api
	6. make clean
	7. make
	8. make install