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Decentralized Hackernews built using Mint Blockchain
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Uphack is a front-end client that interacts with Mint blockchain. If you wish to roll out your own front-end and interact with the underlying blockchain check out Mint.


We are experimenting with a content-storage blockchain called Mint. It was created out of a need for JSON storage on blockchain. Uphack is the first client that interacts with Mint.

Uphack is Hackernews on Blockchain.

We created this demo to show how to build blockchain powered social apps easily. This is super early and experimental. The primary reason behind open sourcing the repo is to get early feedback and improve the codebase.

How to run

git clone
cd Uphack
gulp less
node server.js

Make sure gulp is installed globally. This also requires a MongoDB server running in the background.

Become a Validator

We are running the network with 4 validators of our own. If you wish to play around and become a validator, please check out Mint repo.

Code Contributions

Feedback and contributions are always welcome. Feel free to send PRs to both Uphack and Mint repos. We can't wait to see your contributions. :)

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