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from argparse import ArgumentParser
from tensorflow import keras
import numpy as np
import cv2
import os
parser = ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--image_dir', type=str, help='Directory where images are kept.')
parser.add_argument('--output_dir', type=str, help='Directory where to output high res images.')
def main():
args = parser.parse_args()
# Get all image paths
image_paths = [os.path.join(args.image_dir, x) for x in os.listdir(args.image_dir)]
# Change model input shape to accept all size inputs
model = keras.models.load_model('models/generator.h5')
inputs = keras.Input((None, None, 3))
output = model(inputs)
model = keras.models.Model(inputs, output)
# Loop over all images
for image_path in image_paths:
# Read image
low_res = cv2.imread(image_path, 1)
# Convert to RGB (opencv uses BGR as default)
low_res = cv2.cvtColor(low_res, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB)
# Rescale to 0-1.
low_res = low_res / 255.0
# Get super resolution image
sr = model.predict(np.expand_dims(low_res, axis=0))[0]
# Rescale values in range 0-255
sr = ((sr + 1) / 2.) * 255
# Convert back to BGR for opencv
sr = cv2.cvtColor(sr, cv2.COLOR_RGB2BGR)
# Save the results:
cv2.imwrite(os.path.join(args.output_dir, os.path.basename(image_path)), sr)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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