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Add a registration product type to your WooCommerce installation.
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Registrations for WooCommerce

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Read this in other languages: Português (Brasil).

This plugin allows you to sell registrations for courses, lectures, events or any product based on dates.

Created by: hastedesign, allysonsouza, anyssa

Contributors: Shirkit, brettmhoffman, ajlowndes, jupitercow


Registrations for WooCommerce allows the creation of the registration product type. Registration products can have dates as variations.

There are 3 types of dates:

  1. Single day
  2. Multiple days
  3. Date range

For each date variation you can set the price, schedule, and places available (stock). That makes Registrations for WooCommerce great for stores selling courses, classes or any kind of scheduled services.

Please notice that WooCommerce must be installed and active.

How to create registration products

  1. Install and activate the Registrations for WooCommerce plugin;
  2. Create a new product.
  3. In the product edition screen, select Registration from the Product Data dropdown.
  4. Go to the Dates section, choose the date type and add as many dates you want. Make sure to save your dates.
  5. Go to the Variation section and create variations for all the dates you created earlier.
  6. Setup each date variation. Mark as virtual, set the price, stock (available places), start and end time. If your date is a range date, you will need to choose the week days too.
  7. Save your variations and publish your product. You will see the available dates as a select field at the product page.

For more information about Variable Products see: WooThemes Variable Product


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