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HatBot is a custom bot for and its forks.

HatBot comes in 3 varying sizes!

Size One: SMALL

The Small size is just that — small! Being very basic, it only includes the scripts necessary to run and function. No UI included! Good for deploying to a VPS where a UI isn't neccessary, and can save on memory!

Size Two: MEDIUM

The Medium edition includes an actual UI, with the ability to chat from the bot, view bot statistics (such as the bot's uptime, number of commands issued, errors that may have occurred, and more coming soon), as well as tons of customizable options for the bot itself! More is planned for this verision in the future.

Screenshot: HatBot Medium

Size Three: LARGE

The Large version will contain the same features as the Medium, but is designed to deploy and manage multiple bots on different rooms or servers. The Large version will give you full control over all aspects of the bot(s), as well as CPU and RAM usage monitoring per bot. More is planned for this version in the future.

Adding more to this repo and readme in the future.


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