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Calorie counter, full stack JavaScript practice project.
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Calorie Counter

api contains the backend, built in Express.

web contains the frontend, built in React.

Further development

  • Front end form validation.
  • E-mail confirmation when signing up and/or changing e-mail address.
  • "I forgot my password" functionality.
  • Pagination for all listings of meals and users.
  • Action for reseting all meal filters.
  • Managers shouldn’t see the edit button for admin users.
  • Bootstrap toolbar doesn’t close when user clicks a link.
  • When an admin is changing their own role, maybe auto logout and force user to login again.
  • Some relevant filters for admins when viewing all meals.
  • Improve the alert messages experience.
  • No need to print out “Validation failed” together with the warnings when form validation fails.
  • Better JWT storage.
  • Add proper logging.
  • Automatic logout not kicking in, resulting in error messages once the JWT expires (only in development?).
  • Better protection of unauthorised parts of the UI.
  • Autocomplete field for admins when assigning meals to users.
  • Clearer indication when you are editing another account than your own.
  • Blacklist tokens on logout as well.
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