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Uprooted: Meal Replacement Game


A turn-based farming RPG.


There is some strong language in the game's text, as well as in some of the source code because I am 12 years old and think seeing a rabbit say bad words is funny.


This game's source code is licensed with the GNU Affero General Public License. All art assets are licensed with the CC BY-SA 4.0 License.


Sometimes I make choices. They aren't always good ones.



Uglify-ES is used to compile all the necessary JS files into one big baby (and also minify them). Gulp is used to automate this building and to rebuild the collisions.js file, and also requires gulp-foreach (which is deprecated lol #oops) and get-pixels. All of the raw art assets are stored in Paint.NET's format. PowerShell is used to convert several of the .ods files into the appropriate .js files; these scripts also use LibreOffice to convert the .ods files into .csv files that PowerShell can work with. jQuery is used to build the guide, and Bootstrap is used to style it.

If you don't want to or cannot install UglifyJS, you can just manually include all the necessary JS files in index.html or merge them all into a single file with some other tool.

If you don't want to or cannot install Gulp, you can probably build the collisions file some other way - it basically just reads the images in the collision directory and makes arrays out of them - true for red pixels, false for transparent pixels.

If you don't want to or cannot install Paint.NET, you can edit the image files in any old image editor. They're images.

If you don't want to or cannot install LibreOffice, you can save the .ods files as .csv files manually.

If you don't want to or cannot install PowerShell, you can just edit the various .js files manually.


For pretty much every file in the pdn directory, just copy the main layer(s) into a new file, scale by 400% (using nearest neighbor scaling) and then save as a PNG with the same name in the img directory (a few files have different names in the img directory than their pdn counterparts). For map files, copy the red/transparent layer into a new file, scale it to 1/16 its original size, then save that as a PNG with the same name in the collision directory.


Run gulp buildcollisions any time a file in the collision directory is added/changed/removed. Currently the output file needs to have the last comma and the closing }; manually removed and added respectively.

.ods files

You may need to update the path to LibreOffice's soffice.exe in these scripts.

Run BuildTextNew.ps1 to build gamedata/text.js and gamedata/cutscenes.js from Details_Text.ods and Details_Cutscenes.ods respectively.

Run BuildItemDetails.ps1 to build gamedata\veggies.js, gamedata\equipment.js, gamedata\fixtures.js, and gamedata\enemies.js from Details_Crops.ods, Details_Equipment.ods, Details_Fixtures.ods, and Details_Enemies.ods respectively.

Run BuildEnemyAttackJSON.ps1 to merge all .json files in extbuild\enemyjson\ into gamedata\enemy_patterns.js. The .json files are created with a modified version of Kelly which will be checked in eventually.

main game

Run uglify.cmd or just call the uglifyjs command in the file.

want to make changes?

The game isn't even done yet hold your horses yo.

additional assets

Pretty much all sound effects are taken from 512 Sound Effects (8-Bit Style) by Juhani Junkala and are licensed under the CC 1.0 Universal License.


A turn-based farming RPG.





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