Git pre and post commit hooks to remove values for private variables.
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Git pre and post commit hooks to remove values for private variables during commits. Before the files are commited, the pre-commit hook copies the original files to a temporary backup directory outside of the Git repository and then removes the values for specified variables. For example, the value of any variable that ends with _secret will be replaced with replace_me before it is commited. After the commit, the modified files will be restored using the files that were backed up.


Copy the pre-commit, post-commit hooks the and the py-hook files to the git_hooks directory. Modify the pre-commit and post-commit hooks with your paramaters.


Modify the command listed in pre-commit as follows:

"pre" "source directory" "../backup directory" ".file extension" "_secret:.*" "_secret: replace_me"

Note 1: The variables that you want to replace the values for should be tagged with an identifier such as _secret. For example: api_key_secret: API_key will be replaced with api_key_secret: replace_me.

Note 2: Regular Expressions are used with to find the value to substitute / replace. For example if you use: _secret:.* , the content of the line starting with _secret: will be replaced be replaced with replace_me. If you use .* regular expression, you may want to use something link this: "_secret:.*" "_secret: replace_me"

Regex Cheat Sheet

Note 3: If the text file does not have an extension, you should use "" as the paramater.

Note 4: The backup directory must not be in the git repository and as a safeguard, the paramater must include .. at the beginning. For example: "../backup.dir


Modify the command listed in post-commit as follows:

"post" "source directory" "../backup directory"