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Update: a gem to run groups of updates asynchronously

Update is a simple Ruby script for running sets of updates asynchronously from your command line.

Update uses EM::Syncrony's FiberIterator to run each set of updates in its own Fiber and then print out results as they become available.

Experimental branch uses Celluloid.

Requires Ruby 1.9+.

Installation and usage

gem install update

Running update processes the list of updates found in the commands.rb file and then reports back whether the updates were run sucessfully.

Edit list of updates

Modify the Hash of update commands in commands.rb to customize update scripts. TODO: Sane and usable way to do this. >.>

Command line arguments

Usage: update [options]


-v, --version      Print version information
-l, --list         Print list of commands
-e, --edit         Edit list of commands
-h, --help         Print this help message


Copyright (c) Shannon Skipper. MIT License.

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