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Go3 -- Another fine product from the good folks at FIG.

Go3 is a social media site designed for Haverford College and the extended Tri-College Consortium. It was designed for students, by students, to make information approachable, easy-to-access, and easy-to-post. With these goals in mind, Go3 can be broken up into a few main parts:

  • GoChat (GoBoard): A chatbox that uses #hashtags and @mentions to make communication easier between students.

    • Users can use any number of Tags in a post and mention any number of Users.
    • A Message can be private for those Users mentioned or open to the public.
    • Basic Markdown is supported as well as the auto-linkifying of URLs.
  • GoCards: A collection of "Card" widgets that are meant to grant quick access to information in a centralized place.

    • Cards can be customized to each user's preferences.
    • Cards can be created by "installing" the card name in list of available cards (the
    • Likewise, each card is configured in a unique Django template. Thus, visual edits can be done in the template itself.
  • HaverAds: HaverAds are an experiment designed to give a student the ability to post information to a wide audience.

    • Each HaverAd is directly tied to a User in the same way a Message is tied to a User -- thus preventing anonymity.
    • Each User can edit their previously-created HaverAds via the Ad Manager and may have up to 5 "active" ads at once.
    • HaverAds are displayed fairly by showing the least-viewed "active" ad when a page is loaded.
    • Thus, the system will rotate ads when it reaches view-equilibrium.
    • Users still have access to their "inactive" ads, but may not edit them (only duplicate/delete).
    • Deleted and "inactive" HaverAds are still stored for historical purposes, but will not be displayed.

Note: Currently the development of Go3 is Haverford-centric simply because FIG is composed in majority of Haverford members. Thus, most of the Cards currently available have been designed to cater to the Haverford and Bryn Mawr campuses.