Clark College CSE221 Assignments
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This is entirely for CSE 221 Data Structures at Clark College.

Unless you are another student or the teacher of the class, 
you should ignore this.

The top level folder (/) contains the following folders:

	jslibs: The Windows/Wine only runtime environment for this code.
	data: Holds the data we read in the programs.
The folder called common holds a bunch of common functions and
	doc: Holds documentation.
	code: Holds all of our code. Contains the
	following subfolders:

		prog:  Programs are in here.
		common:  An ad-hoc library.
		test: The tests for the various objects
		obj: The data-structures themselves are stored here.

		Also in the code folder is main.js. It is a shell from which you can 
		access the rest of the files. See /doc/main.txt for more.

To open the 'main shell', go to /jslibs and use 'jshost ../code/main.js'. The
rest of the commands are input to the main shell.

Programs By Assignment:

[1] Stack (run shell/stack)
[2] Vector (missing)
[3] Sorted (broken -- Changed /obj/Student.js)
[4] Morse (run efficiency)
[5] Binary Tree (prog gettysburg)
[6] Graph (prog routeLoad)
[7] Hash (run hashbrowns)
[8] Polynomial (shell poly)
[9] Procedurally Generated Dungeon Descriptions (run PGDD)

There are other files in the code folder. They are for testing out various language 
features or other libraries.


Procedurally Generated Dungeon Descriptions:

User input is as simple as saying 'yes' or 'no'. ('y' and 'n' work too).

Our current graphs (input are simple in comparison to what kind of graphs could be created.

	/code/prog/PGDD.js (the actual program)
	/code/obj/Node.js (bugfixes)
	/code/obj/Graph.js (bugfixes)
	/code/obj/Generator.js (new object & associated functions)
	/data/gen/*.gen (our data, a CSV of two comma types)
	/code/test/GeneratorTest.js (more tests added to the test suite)
Futhermore, the following files were modified:
	/data/Interface.txt (documentation, added)
	/code/common/files.js (get strips ASCII 13 [Carriage Returns])
	cleanup.(bat|sh) (Removes jsxdr files lowering overall filesize)