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7 lib/index.js
@@ -2,8 +2,11 @@ var express = require("express");
var app = new express();
-app.get("/", function (res, req) {
- res.end("<!doctype html><html><body>TEST</body></html>");
+// Defaults to Connects or Express's Favicon. Better than no favicon.
+app.all("/", function (req, res) {
+ res.send("<!doctype html><html><body>TEST</body></html>");
@@ -3,6 +3,10 @@ moving to a more advanced wiki. It's goals are to allow editing of pages
using MarkDown, and provide the most useful set of special pages provided
by MediaWiki.
+This is a draft document of features and whatnot. It'll probably be moved away
+from the as progress occurs. Also, the license will either be BSD or
+Apache. I'm not sure which yet.
These are non-goals:
* Templates - This means don't use this for big projects. Or if you want
@@ -38,4 +42,26 @@ The top level structure looks like this:
* /user/
* /special/
* /image/
-* /%PAGE%/
+* /%PAGE%/
+## Limitations of Page Names
+* No subpages via '/'. Sorry.
+* Cannot be one of "user", "special", or "image".
+* Case-insensitive.
+* ASCII Printable Characters
+The first limitation is because of all the special magic through the URL that
+this wiki does. I /should/ be using GET and POST variables here, but just to
+have some fun, I'm storing some of the important data in the URL under
+subnames. This limitation will not be in the successor wiki, whenever that
+will be.
+The second limitation is hopefully obvious. I think I can get rid of this by
+making the main namespace be called /wiki/ instead, but I want to keep the
+'View the damn page' URL as short as possible for this project.
+It is my opinion that the case-sensitivity of MediaWiki is a flaw. As such,
+I am not inheriting that flaw. All pages are case-insensitive. For now, I do
+not want to deal with Unicode. So pages must contain printable ASCII

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