Ionic Starter based on Ionic 1.x, Angular 1.x, Webpack, ES6, Karma
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Ionic 1 Starter Kit

🌟 Ionic 1 Starter Kit is a boilerplate which helps you build fast and efficient mobile apps. This is a good place to start your project, or any other project what you need to develop. The boilerplate is built on top of Node.js, Ionic 1.x and Angular 1.x. For a development process the Starter Kit uses modern development tools such as Webpack, Babel and Webpack hot reloading.

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$ git clone
$ npm install
$ sudo npm install -g cordova@6.1.1
$ sudo npm install -g ionic@1.7.15
$ ionic state restore


Command Description
npm start Start development server on localhost:8080 and for hot reloading localhost:8080/webpack-dev-server
npm run build:development Compiles the development application to disk (~/www by default).
npm run build:production Compiles the production application to disk (~/www by default).
npm run production Start production server on localhost:8100
npm run android Runs the application on a real devise or on an emulator
npm run ios Runs the application on a real devise or on an emulator
npm run doc Generate an ESDoc documentation


The folder structure provided is only meant to serve as a guide, it is by no means prescriptive. It is something that has worked very well for me and my team, but use only what makes sense to you.

├── app              # Application source code
│   ├── assets            # Global assets (scss, img)
│   ├── components        # Ionic Components
│   ├── config            # Configuration directory
│   │    |── constant.mod.js      # This module loads default application options from json
│   │    ├── default.config.json  # Default application options
│   │    ├── ionic.config.js      # Default config for Ionic
│   │    ├── router.config.js     # Default config for ngRoute
│   │    ├── run.config.js        # Init setup for Ionic
│   ├── shared            # Shared Ionic Components
│   ├── app.js            # Root application file
│   └── index.html        # Root index.html file
├── hooks            # Custom actions for Cordova development process
├── webpack          # Webpack configuration file
└── www              # Build output directory


$ npm run build:development

Compile development application into the 'www' folder

$ npm run build:production

Compile production application into the 'www' folder


$ npm test


This project was built based on the ios-android-wordpress-ionic-webpack-ES6 created by shprink.




The Starter Kit is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.