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WebView Extension for OpenFL
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A minimalistic OpenFL extension for displaying native WebViews on iOS and Android outputs.

###Main Features

  • Full-screen and Popup mode.
  • Popup mode has a close button on the top-left corner.
  • Whitelist validation (the webview will close if the user goes to a non-whitelisted URL).
  • Blacklist validation (the webview will close if the user goes to a blacklisted URL).
  • onClose event (Android and iOS).
  • onURLChanging events for controling the WebView (Android and iOS).
  • On non-supported platforms, this extensions has no effect (makes nothing).

###Simple use Example

// This example show a simple sharing of a text using the Share Class.

import extension.webview.WebView;

class SimpleExample {
	function new(){

	function onClose(){
		trace("WebView has been closed!");

	function onURLChanging(url:String){
		trace("WebView is about to open: "+url);

	function shareStuff(){'',true);
		// Example using whitelist:
		// Example using blacklist:

###How to Install

haxelib install extension-webview

###Thanks to...

The original iOS implementation is based on Suat Eyrice's extension NME WebView (


The MIT License (MIT) -

Copyright © 2013 SempaiGames (

Author: Matías Rossi && Federico Bricker

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