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This is a collection of 80+ demos using the HaxeFlixel engine and demonstrating its capabilities. All the ones that are compatible with a web target (HTML5 and/or Flash) can be found on


To get the master branch / the release compatible with the latest flixel release, run:

haxelib install flixel-demos

You can then use flixel-tools create command to create one of the demos in a directory of your choice, or alternatively run them directly from the haxelib directory.

For Developers

If you are wanting to contribute code, please review the follwing documentation:

If you have a question or have not contributed on github before, there are friendly people in the community that help out in the forums.

For using Git with GitHub we recommended using a GUI application to manage your changes, for example SourceTree.

If you want to use Visual Studio Code with flixel-demos, you can use flixel-tools to create .vscode directories for all projects at once:

flixel configure <path-to-flixel-demos> -ide vscode

If you installed flixel-demos via haxelib git on Windows, the path will be C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\flixel-demos\git.