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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- _________________________ Application Settings _________________________ -->
<app title="${PROJECT_NAME}" file="${PROJECT_NAME}" main="Main" version="0.0.1" company="HaxeFlixel" />
<!--The flixel preloader is not accurate in Chrome. You can use it regularly if you embed the swf into a html file
or you can set the actual size of your file manually at "FlxPreloaderBase-onUpdate-bytesTotal"-->
<app preloader="flixel.system.FlxPreloader" />
<!--Minimum without FLX_NO_GAMEPAD: 11.8, without FLX_NO_NATIVE_CURSOR: 11.2-->
<set name="SWF_VERSION" value="11.8" />
<!-- ____________________________ Window Settings ___________________________ -->
<!--These window settings apply to all targets-->
<window width="${WIDTH}" height="${HEIGHT}" fps="60" background="#000000" hardware="true" vsync="false" />
<window if="html5" resizable="false" />
<window if="desktop" orientation="landscape" fullscreen="false" resizable="true" />
<window if="mobile" orientation="landscape" fullscreen="true" width="0" height="0" />
<!-- _____________________________ Path Settings ____________________________ -->
<set name="BUILD_DIR" value="export" />
<classpath name="source" />
<assets path="assets" />
<!-- _______________________________ Libraries ______________________________ -->
<haxelib name="flixel" />
<!--In case you want to use the addons package-->
<!--<haxelib name="flixel-addons" />-->
<!--In case you want to use the ui package-->
<!--<haxelib name="flixel-ui" />-->
<!--In case you want to use nape with flixel-->
<!--<haxelib name="nape" />-->
<!-- ______________________________ Haxedefines _____________________________ -->
<!--Enable the Flixel core recording system-->
<!--<haxedef name="FLX_RECORD" />-->
<!--Disable the right and middle mouse buttons-->
<!--<haxedef name="FLX_NO_MOUSE_ADVANCED" />-->
<!--Disable the native cursor API on Flash-->
<!--<haxedef name="FLX_NO_NATIVE_CURSOR" />-->
<!--Optimise inputs, be careful you will get null errors if you don't use conditionals in your game-->
<haxedef name="FLX_NO_MOUSE" if="mobile" />
<haxedef name="FLX_NO_KEYBOARD" if="mobile" />
<haxedef name="FLX_NO_TOUCH" if="desktop" />
<!--<haxedef name="FLX_NO_GAMEPAD" />-->
<!--Disable the Flixel core sound tray-->
<!--<haxedef name="FLX_NO_SOUND_TRAY" />-->
<!--Disable the Flixel sound management code-->
<!--<haxedef name="FLX_NO_SOUND_SYSTEM" />-->
<!--Disable the Flixel core focus lost screen-->
<!--<haxedef name="FLX_NO_FOCUS_LOST_SCREEN" />-->
<!--Disable the Flixel core debugger. Automatically gets set whenever you compile in release mode!-->
<haxedef name="FLX_NO_DEBUG" unless="debug" />
<!--Enable this for Nape release builds for a serious peformance improvement-->
<haxedef name="NAPE_RELEASE_BUILD" unless="debug" />
<!-- _________________________________ Custom _______________________________ -->
<!--Place custom nodes like icons here (higher priority to override the HaxeFlixel icon)-->