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HaxeFlixel is an open source 2d game library written in the Haxe Language that is completely free for personal or commercial use. This library features integration with the Haxe NME framework to make multiple targets possible such as Android and IOS. Haxe also presents various other benefits such as having a more flexible opensource language.

HaxeFlixel is based on the As3 version of Flixel written by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman , Flixel Github.

Runtime Targets

Currently targets being used are;

  • Flash
  • IOS
  • Android
  • NEKO

There are differencies between the render systems of the original As3 Flixel version discussed here.

Demos for HaxeFlixel

Basic Features

  • Display thousands of moving objects
  • Basic collisions between objects
  • Group objects together for simplicity
  • Easily generate and emit particles
  • Create game levels using tilemaps
  • Text display, save games, scrolling
  • Mouse & keyboard input
  • Math & color utilities
  • Record and play back replays
  • Powerful interactive debugger
  • Camera system for split screen
  • Pathfinding and following
  • Easy object recycling

Progress has been made on ports of the Flixel Power Tools and additional community input.

Future plans on this port:

If you have questions about this port you can ask them here:

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