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* Added GlitchFX class from FlixelPowerTools. It doesn't work with 'complex' sprites (such as FlxTileblock, FlxBitmapFont and FlxButtonPlus) on cpp and neko targets.
* Added FlxKongregate plugin (flash only). Thanks to goldengrave for porting this class.
* Fixed bug with FlxButton's makeGraphic() crashing on cpp and neko targets.
* Fixed bug with VarTween and MultivarTween on Haxe 2.10
* Fixed bug when FlxGroup's tweens weren't updated
* Added new logo. Huge thanks to Impaler!!!
* Added StarfieldFX class from FlixelPowerTools.
* Fixed bug with animation callback for FlxSprite on cpp target
* Ported FlxButtonPlus class from FlixelPowerTools
* Fixed Android sound issue. Thanks to Adrian K. (@goshki) for testing
* Added FlxSkewedSprite class (see skewedSprite example on github repo). This class isn't optimized for flash target
* Added loadFrom() method for FlxSprite. So you can easily copy graphics from one FlxSprite to another. This is especially usefull for cpp target. Thanks to Phoenity for this idea
* Initial support for Haxe 2.10
* Added basic support for multitouch (see FlxG.touchManager and multitouch example on github repo). Flash version requires Flash Player 10.1 now.
* Compile fix for FlxPreloader on mac platform. Thanks to Talii for it.
* Integrated tweening system from HaxePunk (Thank you, Matt Tuttle). All FlxBasic's subclasses have this functionality now. See addTween(), removeTween(), clearTweens() methods of FlxBasic instances and 'org.flixel.tweens' package.
* Added basic support for Joystick input (See FlxG.joystickManager and org.flixel.system.input.Joystick and org.flixel.system.input.JoystickManager classes for details). I need someone to test it.
* Fixed bug with FlxCamera's color property on cpp target. Sorry for it
* Updated rendering system for cpp target so it uses 2d tile transformations now (which means non-uniform scaling is working now)
* FlxBitmapTextField's background property is working on cpp target now
* Replaced FlxDictionary with ObjectHash (for FlxControlHandler plugin)
* Added BTNTileMap class (which can be found in addons package) from
* Added ZoomCamera class (also in addons package) from
* Made a little optimization for FlxSprite's onScreen() method for cpp target (not using Math.sqrt() now)
* Added width and height getters/setters for FlxCamera on flash target
* Made small optimizations in rendering for cpp target (the way it pushes and splices draw data)
* Fixed pixelPerfectPointCheck() method from FlxCollision plugin
* Made pixelPerfectCheck() method from FlxCollision plugin work on flash only. It's always returns false on other targets. Sorry:(
* Fixed FlxCamera's bug with changing it's size (width, height and zoom)
* Ported FlxBar class
* Added FlxBitmapTextField class (background property isn't working on cpp for now)
* Added PxButton class which uses FlxBitmapTextField for text rendering
* Replaced Dynamic with appropriate types (where it was possible)
* Improvements in FlxQuadTree and FlxObject (less garbage)
* Changed TileSheet creation process to insert gaps between frames. This should solve 'pixel bleeding' problem
* Finally ported FlxPreloader class
* Fixed issue with FlxTextField class when it wasn't affected by fade() and flash() effects (on cpp and neko targets)
* Improvements in memory consumption for FlxTileBlock and FlxBitmapFont classes
* Updated lib to work with haxe 2.09
* Ported FlxGridOverlay from Flixel-Power-Tools
* Initial haxelib release
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