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This is the code base for the website.

Contributing Content

On the website there is a "Contribute" link on the footer of each page. Clicking this link will take you to the relevant file in this repository, or the relevant file in the HaxeManual repository.

You can then edit using Github's online file editor and submit a pull request. You can also fork the repo and edit on your local machine with your preferred text editor, which may be easier for large integrations.

Issues, bugs and suggestions

If you find a bug, have an issue, suggestion, or want to contribute in some other way, please use the Github Issue Tracker.

Any bugs we will attempt to address promptly. New content or subjective issues (colours, fonts, marketing material etc) will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you are a designer and want to help freshen up the look of the site, please open an issue or contact We'd love your input!

Contributing CSS

Currently the css for the site is in www/css/style.css.

We currently use the bootstrap 2.3.2 CSS library and the Font Awesome 4.1.0 icon library.


  • The pages content are in pages/, in either html or markdown.
  • The blog posts are in posts/ in markdown, and their images are in www/img/blog/$name/.
  • The release messages for the haxe versions are in releaseNotes/, in markdown.
  • The code is in src/. The generations calls src/Main.hx and the javascript src/Client.hx.
  • The views are in views/ and uses the haxe template syntax.
  • The static assets are in www/.

Running a local copy for development

The website was designed to be easy to generate, to run a local copy follow these steps:

  • Install the dependencies haxelib install all in the root directory.
  • Generate the website by running haxe generate.hxml.

The website is now available in the out/ folder, you can launch it with nekotools server -d out and access it at http://localhost:2000/.

Deploying updates

  • Any push or merge to the staging branch will trigger TravisCI to build and deploy to "".
  • Any push or merge to the master branch will trigger TravisCI to build and deploy to "".