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add "final" to the list of keywords (report error with closure compil…

…er, ES6 keyword?)
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1 parent 373de26 commit ee3a073b1064712bdc4dfb9d210e5ef9859be0f2 @ncannasse ncannasse committed
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@@ -95,6 +95,8 @@ let kwds =
"import"; "in"; "instanceof"; "interface"; "let"; "new"; "package"; "private"; "protected";
"public"; "return"; "static"; "super"; "switch"; "this"; "throw"; "try"; "typeof"; "var";
"void"; "while"; "with"; "yield";
+ (* reserved by closure compiler *)
+ "final"

1 comment on commit ee3a073


Please also add this keyword ”boolean”
(reserved by closure compiler)

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