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Meal.hx:1: characters 0-7 is missing ; #2531

rezaakhmadg opened this Issue Jan 14, 2014 · 2 comments

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im a very newbie in here and i need help that im trying to compile my simple code of haxe , and it still an error with Meal.hx:1: characters 0-7 is missing ;

i dont know where the error is, here's the code:


package MyFridge;
class Meal
    public var name : String;
    public function new(f_name : String)
        { = f_name;

Thank you


package names must start with a lower case letter (similarly type names must start with a capital letter).

since MyFridge is not a valid package name, the only other parsing rule in the haxe syntax for package declarations isfor the empty package (package;) hence the error that ; was expected.

Haxe Foundation member
Simn commented Jan 14, 2014

Yes, but the error message is really confusing, so I think we should improve that.

@Simn Simn was assigned Jan 20, 2014
@Simn Simn closed this in 465b775 Feb 24, 2014
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