Haxe externs for working with node.js
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Haxe Node.JS


Extern type definitions for Node.JS version 4.0.0 and Haxe 3.2+.

Haxe-generated API documentation is available at http://haxefoundation.github.io/hxnodejs/js/Node.html.

Original node.js documentation can be found at http://nodejs.org/api/index.html.


  • Full node.js API with documentation.
  • Strict typing for everything, fully leveraging Haxe type system.
  • Optionally typed event listeners.
  • Automatic insert of "require" statements for used modules.
  • Clean output.

Quick example

  1. Install hxnodejs with haxelib install hxnodejs (released version) or haxelib git hxnodejs https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/hxnodejs (latest from github).

  2. Write some code and save to Main.hx:

    class Main {
        static function main() {
            var server = js.node.Net.createServer(function(socket) {
                socket.write("Echo server\n\n");
            server.listen(1337, "");
  3. Compile it with with haxe -lib hxnodejs -main Main -js main.js (optionally add -D js-es5 for cleaner JavaScript output, since node.js is ES5-compilant)

  4. Look at generated main.js:

    (function () { "use strict";
    var Main = function() { };
    Main.main = function() {
        var server = js_node_Net.createServer(function(socket) {
            socket.write("Echo server\n\n");
    var js_node_Net = require("net");
  5. You're awesome! (See more examples)


This library is considered complete, but it's fairly new, so testing and contributions are welcome. See current issues and extern guidelines.