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Release 1.2

@EricBishton EricBishton released this
· 159 commits to master since this release
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1.2 (HaxeFoundation release)

  • Update builds for 2019.1 and 2018.x versions.
  • Fix completion on abstracts using generic underlying types (e.g. abstract MyClass<T>(T) {}) (Issue #772)
  • Fix completion through abstracts.
  • Resolve fields and methods through abstracts.
  • Haxe 4: Special rules to resolve Null<T> as abstract.
  • Fixed constructor being renamed when a class is renamed (refactored). (Issue #776, #785)
  • Fixed ClassCastException when Refactor->Rename was used on generic type names.
  • No longer display type mismatch errors when using abstracts with (varying) generic type parameters. (e.g. Null<String>, Null<Test>)
  • Better detection of types inferred after declaration (monomorphs).
  • Fixed type detection for expressions in parenthesis.
  • Downgrade visibility (public/private) incompatibility to a warning.
  • Allow "Dynamic" as an interface type.
  • Detect simple type mismatches in declarations and assignments. Add quick fixes for them.
  • Check type of type check statements (e.g. `(myExpression : Float)`) and warn. Add quick fixes.
  • Auto-close regions and conditionally (un)compiled code, and add checkboxes to the Settings panel for folding.
  • Fix Extract Variable and Extract Constant refactorings (Issue #844):
    • Fixed infinite loop when extracting multiple occurrences.
    • Avoid keywords when making name suggestions.
    • Fix multi-select for custom names in all occurrences.
    • Fix semi-colon insertion/detection.
    • Suggest variable names based upon expression type.
  • Allow AIR targets to be debugged using the flash system. (Issue #849)