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The try-haxe project is a browser-based IDE for testing Haxe code. It provides a quick and easy environment for playing with the Haxe language and compiles to JavaScript, Eval, HashLink or Neko, instantly viewable in the browser. It also allows saving and sharing of programs with the auto-generated hyperlink hash-codes.

The official project is hosted at

This repository is a direct successor of try-haxe project founded by clemos and it's fork the dockerized mrcdk version by mrcdk.

Technical notes

The try-haxe project is written in Haxe, with part of the application compiling to JavaScript for use on the client, and part of the application compiling to PHP as a backend service. The backend PHP service provides server-side compilation of programs as well as language auto-complete results. The backend uses Docker to enable the use of multiple Haxe versions and macro support.

Run your own instance (Docker)

Install Docker and docker-compose

compile application

npm i lix
lix download
haxe build.hxml

build all containers (in project root)

docker-compose -f docker-compose-all.yml up -d

you should get http server on

Note: you might have to adjust web container's gid for docker group, to match your outside docker's gid. also make sure outside www-data user is part of docker group.

install Haxe versions

(outside container - copy selected versions from your local lix installation). new versions show up after reloading your browser.

cp -a ~/haxe/neko lixSetup/haxe/neko
cp -a ~/haxe/versions/4.1.5 lixSetup/haxe/versions

Recompile haxe code after you change source code outside

haxe build.hxml

To shutdown container

docker-compose -f docker-compose-all.yml down


Docker group can have a different group id / number than the web container's docker group. To fix it find docker group id:

cat /etc/group | grep docker

then use docker exec -it try-haxe_web_1 /bin/bash to enter web container and edit /etc/group inside:

apt install vim-tiny
vi /etc/group
# find entry with docker (should be last) and change number to host group id
service apache2 restart


After building containers run:

docker exec -it try-haxe_web_1 sh -c "chgrp docker /var/run/docker.sock; chmod g+w /var/run/docker.sock"