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A Raspberry Pi-based project for tracking and displaying certain network metrics.

Currently the system keeps track of the:

  • WAN address
  • Ping time to
  • Min Ping
  • Average Ping
  • Max Ping

THe metrics are then displayed on an HDD44780 compatible LCD and through

Installing the display script

  • Follow the Adafruit installation guide for wiring and testing out the display
  • Clone this repository into the pi users home directory
  • make sure that the three python scripts are executable (sudo chmod +x
  • Place the Adafruit APIkey in a file called apikey.txt in the repo directory
  • Place the OpenWeatherMap API key in a file called weatherapikey.txt in the repo directory
  • Install Upstart with: sudo apt-get install upstart
  • Place the networktestservice.conf file in /etc/init
  • Reboot the Pi

Installing the calculation script

Create a cron job: crontab-e

Add a line at the bottom of the file similar to this: * */24 * * * python /home/pi/

Make sure to replace /home/pi/ with the full location and name of the file


THe main reference for this project was the Adafruit LCD guide:

The python code used to drive the diaplay uses Adafruits LCD library. For a combination of reasons (could be the older Pi being used, or the more obscure 20x4 LCD) the legacy branch of the older LCD library was what I managed to get working on my screen:

Information on how to create an Upstart Service was found here:

Details about including were found here:


Configuration for Raspberry Pi-based tracking and displaying certain network metrics connected to



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