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A clock that runs in terminal, it may need to be modified to fill the screen/terminal emulator.
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A large digital clock that runs in a terminal.
This clock has two main animation methords:

  • Flash - Clears the screen.
  • Scroll - The new times scrolls up from beneath.



  • Width - 78 characters
  • Heights - 14 characters
  • python3.x installed
  • 3754 bytes free
  • 17.9 MiB of RAM free


  • Width - 78 characters
  • Heights - 14 characters
  • 3.6.7 installed
  • 1 MiB free
  • 1 GiB of RAM free


Scroll animation in effect

How to get the most out of this clock (linux)

  1. Press ctr+alt+F2 to enter a termianl view and login again.
  2. Go to the directory it is stored in using the cd comand
  3. run it with python3
  4. Watch it for a couple seconds to days.

How to get the most out of this clock (windows)

  1. Install python3.x from
  2. Double click the python file and then when cmd opens it press F11 to go fullscreen
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