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Warning! Deprecated! Please see the on-line documentation.
How to prepare the software
The software can only run is it is hosted on a server. It will not run
opening the html files on the browser. This is becouse part files are
downloaded asyncronously from the server.
Included is a tiny webserver that you can use in your pc.
1. Download the official library
If you don't already have it, download the official library from:
Unzip it and copy the content of the subfolder "p" into "parts".
You must merge the folders becouse the program can't try different
directory as desktop software can.
2. (optional) Download the unofficial parts library
Usually models make use of unofficial parts. If you want, you can
download the unofficial parts library from:
Unzip the content and merge both "p" and "parts" of unofficial into
the official "parts". Overwrite when asked.
3. (optional) Subdivide all files in subfolder
The "parts" folder now contains 7000+ files. Many servers and pc
complains about so many files in a single dir, and performances
are degraded.
For any file or subdirectory in "parts", move it in a subfolder starting
with the same name:
a.dat -> a/a.dat
5776.dat -> 5/577a.dat
s/333.dat -> s/s/333.dat
48/1033.dat -> 4/48/1033.dat
If you decide not to subdivide folders, you must pass the option
dontUseSubfolders:true when creating the builder.
BRIGL.Builder options, used like this: var builder = new BRIGL.Builder("parts/", {ajaxMethod:"jquery"});
- forceLowercase: forces partname to lowercase when downloading them from the server. Useful if you have inconsistencies in part name case. default false
- dontUseSubfolders: as explained above, avoid using subfolders for parts. default false
- ajaxMethod: choose which library to use for ajax calls. Valid values are "jquery" and "prototype". defaults "prototype"
loadModelByName options (also valid for other loadModelBy.... ):
- drawLines: draw edge lines. default false
- stepLimit: read a model only up to stepLimit number of steps. Useful to show partial build. Defaults -1 (no limit)
- dontCenter: don't calculate center of object, use model origin instead. Default false
- centerOffset: use this vector as the center offset (the displacement of the model). Default undefined;
- dontSmooth: avoid smoothing process. Default false
- blackLines: draw all edge lines in black instead of their color. Default false
- startColor: use value as starting color. Default 16
- startingMatrix: use value as the starting transformation matrix. Default undefined
BRIGL.BriglContainer options:
- antialias: use antialias. default true
- all other options supported by
- BRIGL will not resize the container element that is used for rendering, so the desired size must be specified in advance.
- Currently BRIGL does not handle re-size events.
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