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Reproducible code for Augmentation paper
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  • Python 3.6+
  • Pillow, matplotlib, numpy, pytorch==0.4.0, seaborn, torchvision


  • runs a full set of experiments on MNIST and save the results to the directory saved. Note: the default run take a long time (43 hours) to finish, since we're running for all 10 seeds.


    Currently, it executes the following experiments:

    1. Measure the difference between exact augmented objective and approximate objectives (on original images, 1st order approximation, 2nd order approximation).
    2. Measure the agreement and KL divergence between the predictions made by model trained on exact augmented objective and models trained on approximate objectives.
    3. Compute kernel target alignment for features from different transformations.
  • plots all the figures in the paper using the saved results from The figures are saved in the directory figs.

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