Tools for iterative knowledge base development with DeepDive
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Mindbender is a set of tools for iterative knowledge base construction with DeepDive.



  1. Download a release of Mindbender.
  2. Mark the downloaded file as executable (by running chmod +x mindbender-*.sh).
  3. Place it into a directory that is on the $PATH environment (e.g., /usr/local/bin/mindbender), also renaming it so you can simply type mindbender later.

Alternatively, you can build and install from source by running make install PREFIX=/usr/local.

Latest Example

See examples/spouse_example for more details about using the tools included in Mindbender.

Launch Mindtagger for labeling data

mindbender tagger examples/labeling/**/mindtagger.conf
# See-also: ./examples/labeling/

Take snapshots of your DeepDive app, producing various reports

cd your-deepdive-app
mindbender snapshot
open snapshot/LATEST/

Launch Dashboard to use the reports interactively for deeper error analysis

cd your-deepdive-app
mindbender dashboard

There are some examples included in this source tree:

cd examples/dashboard/spouse_example
mindbender dashboard


Mindtagger is an interactive data labeling tool. Please refer to the DeepDive documentation for more details on how to use Mindtagger to estimate precision of DeepDive apps. For marking up text documents in general, e.g., for recall estimation, please take a look at the example tasks for the moment: genomics-recall and genomics-recall-relation in the source tree. They can be launched using the following script: