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Orchardizer Features

A sadly small list of features you get when you install Orchardizer for Visual Studio


Create a module from visual studio.



It builds it from a template, if you are running an older version of Orchard it will try to run the codegen command.


Allows you to create a theme from the UI.




You may say, what the hell is really the point, just use codegen. Well, I'm lazy. And I don't like the command line. That's basically it. The theme one gives you a few extra options, like a help file full of links to random docs and blog posts about theming in Orchard. I like to be reminded sometimes. And for the slackers at work to read, but they never do. Bastards.


You can add a new "Scaffolded item":


I've managed to get that into a sub menu called Orchard now. (Yay?) Select that and you get...


Tick some boxes, write down your fields, bish bash bosh, generates all your bits and bobs. You can select either: Record storage, infoset storage, or both. You can also select a migrations file to use from a cool drop down that crashes visual studio for a few seconds to populate itself. Totally worth it. So yeah, this just generates:

  • Driver
  • Handler
  • Editor view
  • Display view
  • Placement (new file or an entry in the existing file, totally fucks up if your placement file is invalid)
  • Migrations (if you choose to)

Cuts out a little bit of boilerplate stuff I guess. I used to use Piotr's awesome Codegen Extensions module but I don't think it has been updated to support the new infoset syntax. And god forbid taking the easy route and updating his module with that tiny change. No siree, we need a new motherfucking visual studio extension for that shit.


Generate content type settings from the ui via the scaffolded item menu again


Pretty simple, select the part you want to create settings for and write in your settings. Part dropdown is populated in some cool way that I cant remember that is probably prone to failing to find your parts so I may add a text box that lets you write in your part name manually, just in case...


Select a class, click Generate Migrations, and it'll pop up this window:


Choose the class you want to generate migrations for and pick a migrations class/create a new one, then you get this screen:


This finds all the properties and displays them in this grid that you can then customize. It tries to be smart by deselecting things that probably are not going to go into the database, like lists. And it will try to anticipate when you are referencing another model and add the nhibernate mapping syntax (eg. SecondModel_Id). Show details offers a few more customizations, letting you make it nullable or not null and selecting a default value. It then generates the migrations from these. Sometimes. As you can imagine, it's a bit retarded and flaky.


So, yeah, if you've reached this far and gone, what a dick, just use the bloody orchard command line and stop fucking around, then I have good news for you.


Right click your Orchard solution and you can open the Orchard command interface!

You may also notice the "build precompiled" command there. This pretty much does what it says on the tin, runs the "build precompiled" command. For those of us who hate the command line so much that just seeing it makes us want to cry

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