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gominer is an application for performing Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining on the Hcash network. It supports solo and stratum/pool mining using CUDA and OpenCL devices.


Go to to download.


Benchmark mode:

gominer -B

Solo mining on mainnet using hcd running on the local host:

gominer -u myusername -P hunter2

Stratum/pool mining:

gominer -o stratum+tcp://pool:port -m username -n password

Status API

There is a built-in status API to report miner information. You can set an address and port with --apilisten. There are configuration examples on sample-gominer.conf. If no port is specified, then it will listen by default on 3333.

Example usage:

$ gominer --apilisten="localhost"

Example output:

$ curl http://localhost:3333/
> {
    "validShares": 0,
    "staleShares": 0,
    "invalidShares": 0,
    "totalShares": 0,
    "sharesPerMinute": 0,
    "started": 1504453881,
    "uptime": 6,
    "devices": [{
        "index": 2,
        "deviceName": "GeForce GT 750M",
        "deviceType": "GPU",
        "hashRate": 110127366.53846154,
        "hashRateFormatted": "110MH/s",
        "fanPercent": 0,
        "temperature": 0,
        "started": 1504453880
    "pool": {
        "started": 1504453881,
        "uptime": 6




You will either need to install CUDA for NVIDIA graphics cards or OpenCL library/headers that support your device such as: AMDGPU-PRO (for newer AMD cards), Beignet (for Intel Graphics), or Catalyst (for older AMD cards).

For example, on Ubuntu 16.04 you can install the necessary OpenCL packages (for Intel Graphics) and CUDA libraries with:

sudo apt-get install beignet-dev nvidia-cuda-dev nvidia-cuda-toolkit

gominer has been built successfully on Ubuntu 16.04 with go1.6.2, go1.7.1, g++ 5.4.0, and beignet-dev 1.1.1-2 although other combinations should work as well.


To download and build gominer, run:

go get -u
mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone
cd gominer
dep ensure

For CUDA with NVIDIA Management Library (NVML) support:


For OpenCL (autodetects AMDGPU support):

go build -tags opencl

For OpenCL with AMD Device Library (ADL) support:

go build -tags opencladl



  • Download and install the official Go Windows binaries from https://golang.dl/
  • Download and install Git for Windows from
    • Make sure to select the Git-Bash option when prompted
  • Download the MinGW-w64 installer from targetting Win32/Personal Builds/mingw-builds/installer/
    • Select the x64 toolchain and use defaults for the other questions
  • Set the environment variable GOPATH to C:\Users\username\go
  • Check that the GOROOT environment variable is set to C:\Go
    • This should have been done by the Go installer
  • Add the following locations to your PATH: C:\Users\username\go\bin;C:\Go\bin
  • Add C:\Program Files\mingw-w64\x84_64-6.2.0-posix-seh-rt_v5-rev1\mingw64\bin to your PATH (This is the latest release as of 2016-09-29)
  • go get
    • You should be able to type dep and get dep's usage display. If not, double check the steps above
  • go get
    • Compilation will most likely fail which can be safely ignored for now.
  • Change to the gominer directory
    • If using the Windows Command Prompt: cd %GOPATH%/src/
    • If using git-bash cd $GOPATH/src/
  • Install dependencies via dep
    • dep ensure

Build Instructions

  • Using git-bash:
    • cd $GOPATH/src/
    • mingw32-make.exe
  • Copy dependencies:
    • copy obj/HcashOrg.dll .
    • copy nvidia/NVSMI/nvml.dll .
  • Download AMD APP SDK v3.0 from
    • Samples may be unselected from the install to save space as only the libraries and headers are needed
  • Copy or Move C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD APP SDK\3.0 to C:\appsdk
    • Ensure the folders C:\appsdk\include and C:\appsdk\lib are populated
  • Change to the library directory C:\appsdk\lib\x86_64
    • cd C:\appsdk\lib\x86_64
  • Copy and prepare the ADL library for linking
    • copy c:\Windows\SysWOW64\atiadlxx.dll .
    • gendef atiadlxx.dll
    • dlltool --output-lib libatiadlxx.a --input-def atiadlxx.def
  • For OpenCL:

    • go build -tags opencl
  • For OpenCL with AMD Device Library (ADL) support:

    • go build -tags opencladl