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Welcome to the HdrHistogram.NET wiki!

Currently under construction. You can find the official HrdHistogram site @


HdrHistogram is an open source project, contribution is welcome. The direction of the master project (the original Java implementation) is given by Gil Tene. This .NET/C# implementation will follow this direction.

If you wish to contribute, please create an issue first. This allows discussion to happen first and not to catch the administrators off guard. Then if the issue is marked as accepted, create a Pull Request to contribute the changes.

Please also review the Coding-Guidelines and Documentation-Guidelines to ensure you are keeping the code base standardized.

Technical specifications

  • V2-Log-Encoding documents the format of how sets of HdrHistograms can be saved to disk.
  • Encoded-Histogram-format is used as a sub format in the Log-Encoding. This format maybe used as an exchange format for interop between systems using histograms.