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This project is based on: Nodejs, npm and the Meteor platform. https://www.meteor.com/ Other components (like GNU Radio, Wireshark and GR-GSM) have to be installed in order to use SDR-Detector. It's also possible to expand the system with detectors for WiFi, Bluetooth, UMTS and LTE frequency bands. (using existing open source projects)

The software (stand alone detector) will be compatible to: Stingwatch (Cordova based Stingray (IMSI-Catcher) detection) Meteor ICC Meteor-imsi-catcher-catcher (Meteor package for client + server side IMSI-catcher detection.) API Client (more details soon)

![Image of SDR-Detector] (http://smartphone-attack-vector.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/SDR-Detector_GSM-Scanner.jpg)




//When all software tools and libraries are installed - 
download (or clone) the project to your harddisk 
and edit the settingsfile to your needs. 
Than generate a python script with: 
gnuradio-companion grcs/airprobe_rtlsdr.grc

// Now you can run the detector as `root` in order to capture data
sudo meteor --settings settings.json      
By default, Meteor runs the webserver on `http://localhost:3000`