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noc-tools is a collection of network-on-chip oriented tools written by the University of South Carolina Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Computing research group.

  • nocsim is a software simulator for network on chip implementations
  • nocviz is a visualization tool for NoCs using a simple TCL driven API to allow it to be used to visualize or control a variety of NoCs, including nocsim

The noc-tools user manual may be accessed here.

Building noc-tools

noc-tools depends on the following libraries:

On Ubuntu 18.04, run sudo apt install --yes libbsd-dev libreadline-dev tcl-dev libtcl8.6

noc-tools is built against the development version of libAgar 1.6.0. At present, SVN revision 10556 is suggested.

Once all dependencies have been installed, simply run ./configure && make. On Ubuntu 18.04, you will need to provide the path to your TCL installation using the --with-tcl=/usr/include/tcl8.6/ parameter.

Re-Generating ./configure

noc-tools uses the BSDBuild build system. You should be able to use the provided configure script without any modifications. However, noc-tools developers may need to re-generate this script from time to time, such as when new configuration flags are added.

The script may be re-generated using mkconfigure < > configure. is used to specify what flags and options should be presented. The documentation for mkconfigure may be found here.

NOTE You should not use mkify unless you know what you are doing, as it will overwrite specially modified make libraries used by noc-tools with the BSDBuild default versions.


noc-tools does not prescribe any specific installation method. It is generally used by source-ing scripts/noc_tools_load.tcl. To that end, it is important that the nocsim/ and nocviz/ directories remain in the same relative paths to said script.