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{Battle your friends in who has the better Github presence.}, {3-18-2019}

By {Chris Underwood}


{There are 2 parts of this project. The first allows 2 people to put in their Github accounts and "battle" with each other. The second part allows you to see the 30 most popular Github repos are along with the 30 top repos by language including JavaScript, Ruby, Java, CSS, and Python. Check out the app on the Website link below and battle your friends or see what is popular on Github. }

Setup/Installation Requirements

*Create a location on your computer for the program

  • Clone down the repo
  • In the home folder for the new app, type npm run start on the command line
  • The app should open on localhost:8080 in your default browswer

Known Bugs

{None that I am aware of. }

Support and contact details

{ cunderwoodmn at gmail dot com}

Technologies Used

{github API, React, Node.js, NPM, JSX, Axios, React Router,}


{I claim no ownership of this code as this part of the a subscription by @tylermcginnis that helped me learn React, Redux, and React Router.}

Copyright (c) 2018-2019 {Chris Underwood}

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