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site_title: "ALTopedia"
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activity_category: "Activities"
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school-levels: "School levels:"
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hs: "HS"
univ: "University"
conversation: "Conversation"
warm-ups: "Warm-ups"
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title: "ALTopedia - Contributors"
top-contributors: "Top contributors"
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title: "ALTopedia - Textbooks"
textbooks-heading: "Textbooks"
textbook-page-title: "ALTopedia - Textbook: %{textbook_title}"
textbook-heading: "Textbook: %{textbook_title}"
textbook-description: "Description: %{description}"
textbook-level: "Level: %{level}"
page-number: "Page Number"
page-description: "Description"
grammar-point: "Grammar point"
site-tagline: "Find activities, games, and worksheets to use in your English classes. Share your ideas and help your fellow teachers make their classes awesome!"
read-more: "Read more"
newest-activities: "Newest activities"
top-10-activities: "Top 10 Site-wide"
front-page-posts-index: "View all news posts"
title: "ALTopedia - Elementary School Activities"
es-heading: "Elementary School"
es-explanation: "In Japan, Elementary School consists of 6 grades with students' ages ranging from about 6 to 12. The frequency and level of English classes might differ a lot from area to area. English will become a full subject for grades 5 and 6 in 2020. Elementary classes usually center on speaking."
title: "ALTopedia - Junior High School Activities"
jhs-heading: "Junior High School"
jhs-explanation: "In Japan, Junior High School consists of 3 grades. Students are usually between 12 and 15 years old. English is a full, required subject and consists of speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice. Much of the curriculum is designed around the grammar points and vocabulary used for school entrance exams."
title: "ALTopedia - High School Activities"
hs-heading: "High School"
hs-explanation: "In Japan, High School consists of 3 grades. Students are usually between 15 and 18 years old. Education is no longer compulsory at this level, but most Japanese people attend high school. This level is where students begin to move into a career track, as different high schools can have different focuses. Admission is usually based on the results of entrance exams, requiring a certain score to pass."
title: "ALTopedia - English Conversation"
conversation-heading: "English Conversation"
conversation-explanation: "These activities are for English Conversation classes. They generally apply to adults, but could be used for younger learners if they're advanced enough. The idea is to spark longer conversations entirely in English."
title: "ALTopedia - Grammar points"
grammar-heading: "Grammar points"
all-tags: "View all tags"
title: "ALTopedia - Warm-up Activities"
warmups-heading: "Warm-ups"
top10-es: "Top 10 Elementary Warm-ups"
top10-jhs: "Top 10 Junior High Warm-ups"
called-out-tag: "Tag of the moment"
rule1: "We hope that your comments will be constructive and positive!"
title: "ALTopedia - How to contribute"
page-header: "Contribute to ALTopedia"
contribution-explanation: "Do you want to help the site? There are several ways you can contribute and make it better:"
submit-activity-link-heading: "Post a new activity"
submit-activity-explanation: "The best way you can help is to add your own activity! Your ideas will benefit other teachers. You'll need to sign up for the site, but registration is free and easy. You can revise or remove your activity later if you want."
translation-heading: "Help translate the site"
translation-explanation: "Do you speak any other languages and feel confident translating into them? The site's interface text can be translated into different languages. Download the file from the link above and you can translate it directly. Then you can e-mail it to Jake and users will be able to see the site in the new language."
textbook-info-heading: "Contribute textbook information"
textbook-info-explanation: "One function of the site is to show listings for different textbooks and show the grammar points associated with them. Some of them are hard for us to get our hands on. If your schools are using a textbook that isn't listed, please send us a screenshot of any sort of index page or grammar listing."
grammar-heading: "Add or clarify grammar points"
grammar-explanation: "Do you have a background in linguistic study or an advanced command of English grammar? Some of the tags for grammar points may be inaccurate, and we're still missing a lot of essential pieces of English grammar. Please leave a comment or send an e-mail if you have any corrections or additions!"
coding-heading: "Help code the site"
coding-explanation: "Do you have any experience with web development? How about Ruby on Rails? The site is open-source, so if you've worked with Rails before, you can help us add new features!"
contact-text: "If you have any other questions, please get in contact with Jake at (at)"
title: "ALTopedia - Activity themes"
header: "Activity themes"
holidays: "Holidays"
title: "ALTopedia - Contributors"
header: "Top contributors"
new_activity: "New Activity"
guideline-heading: "Thank you for sharing your activity! Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:"
rule-1: "Please describe your activity clearly. The better your description, the more people will be able to understand and use it."
rule-2: "Please don't submit an activity that's copyrighted or contains materials that you can't post for public consumption."
rule-3: "Make sure that your submission is appropriate for a general audience and children in particular."
rule-4: "You can use Markdown formatting in your directions, but we've turned off hyperlinks and images. This is to help cut down on spam."
rule-5: "Please don't advertise any services or companies."
rule-6: "By posting your activity on the site, you will make it available under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. This means that the activity will be posted for free on the site, and while others can use it for non-commercial purposes, they have to give you credit."
rule-7: "If you decide you want to take your activity down, you can do so at any time. You can also edit it in the future if you want to change anything."
activity_title: "Title of this activity:"
short_description: "Short description (This is what will get shown in activity listings):"
long_description: "Detailed description and directions:"
time_estimate: "Estimated time:"
tag_heading: "Tags"
tag_directions_1: "Choose the tags that apply to your activity. You don't have to choose tags for every category."
tag_directions_2: "The more accurate your tags are, the easier people will be able to find your activity!"
file-heading: "Files"
file-attach-text: "If your activity has any files, please attach them:"
attached-files-header: "This activity contains these files:"
delete-attached-files: "Click on the X to delete them. You don't need to re-submit the activity if you're just deleting files."
submit: "Submit"
new_activity_header: "Submit a new activity"
title: "ALTopedia - Activities"
heading: "ALTopedia activity listings"
index-explanation: "The most recent activities are listed first."
view: "View"
edit_heading: "Edit this activity"
edit_directions_1: "When you submit your edits, the activity will be taken off the live site and placed back into the mod queue."
edit_directions_2: "But don't worry! once it's approved again, it will go right back!"
file-list: "Files:"
time_estimate: "Estimated time: %{time_estimate}"
submitted_by: "Submitted by: "
approve: "Approve"
approve_confirmation: "Approve this activity?"
deapprove: "Return to mod queue"
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delete: "Delete"
delete_confirmation: "Are you sure you wanna delete this one?"
resubmit: "Edit and Re-submit"
edit-tags: "Edit tags"
thumbs-up-label: "Total"
thumbs-up-logged-out: "Sign in or register to give a thumbs up!"
submit-thumbs-up: "Thumbs up!"
delete-thumbs-up: "Thumbs up"
top-activities: "Top 10 activities"
warm-ups: "Top warm-ups"
textbooks: "Textbooks"
show-tag-title: "ALTopedia - Tag: %{tag_name}"
top-5-label: "Top 5 activities"
description: "Description: %{tag_description}"
recent-activities-heading: "Recent activities"
comment_heading: "Comments"
solve-link: "Fixed it!"
hide-link: "Hide"
delete-link: "Delete"
delete-confirmation: "Delete this comment?"
form-header: "Write a comment"
comment-guidelines: "Please make sure your comment contains positive or constructive feedback."
comment-placeholder: "Comment"
please-log-in: "Sign in or register an account to leave a comment."
submitted-comment: "Thank you! Your comment will show up once it's approved."
sign-up-heading: Make a new account
sign-up-info-1: Make an account at ALTopedia to post activities, vote on them, and leave comments!
sign-up-info-2: Registration is completely free! You can choose to delete your account later if you want.
sign-up-info-3: The site uses e-mail for account verification and password resets, so you'll need to provide a valid e-mail address.
sign-up-info-4: Choose whatever you like for your username, but please make sure it's appropriate for the site.
sign-up-button: Sign up
title: "ALTopedia - News posts"
remove-tagging: "Remove any unneccessary tags by clicking on these:"
add-tagging: "Add another tag"
add-tag-button: "Add this tag"
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