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Headersize Logo

Headersize social media image templates

Looking for the latest pixel sizes for your social media images? In this repository you’ll find sample images and source files (Photoshop PSD, Fireworks PNG) to get you started.

Social media networks often change the dimensions of cover images, timeline images and other assets. We try to update this repository whenever such a change happens, so you can adapt to the new image size as quickly as possible.

For developers

The data.json file is a JSON formatted file which contains the latest pixel dimensions and other useful data, which can be easily processed by most programming languages. We look forward to seeing your awesome implementations of this file! Automatically updating cover images, anyone?


We try to keep this repository well-maintained. Did we miss a change, or want to improve something? Feel free to fork the repository and make your changes.


The files in this repository are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. You can freely use them as a template for your social media images. Letting other people know about the Headersize project is greatly appreciated though!

Join the Headersize community.

See the templates in action, chat with like-minded people, and receive timely updates whenever image sizes change.

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