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A discord bot that compiles your spaghetti
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Discord Compiler Bot

A simple open-source Discord bot which can compile code, display the output of the compiler, and run the program. This bot is great for prototyping ideas, or testing concepts on-the-fly with very little effort. It supports almost every programing language on the market (c++, c, java, python, ruby, javascript, go, php, lua, & more!).

Adding this bot to your server is as simple as clicking here.

Just looking to try it out? Join our support discord and give it a shot!


For a tutorial about how to use this bot, feel free to view our wiki!

Hosting it yourself?

You will need to create a settings.json file alongisde index.js, the format is as follows:

    "token": "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE",
    "loading_emote": "YOUR_LOADING_EMOTE_ID_HERE",
    "invite_link": "BOT_INVITE_LINK",
    "discordbots_link": "DISCORDBOTS_DOT_ORG_LINK",
    "support_server": "SUPPORT_SERVER_ID"

We also depend on the following npm packages.

  • discord.js
  • strip-ansi
  • node-fetch
  • dblapi.js

Once these are installed simply execute node index.js


This project is licensed with the GNU GPLv3 general purpose license.

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