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👩‍💻 Discord Compiler

A Discord bot which can compile code, display the output of the compiler, and run the program. This bot is great for prototyping ideas, or testing concepts on-the-fly with very little effort. It supports almost every programing language you could name (c++, c, java, python, ruby, javascript, go, php, lua, & more!).

🔗 Links

👩‍🏫 Usage

For a tutorial about how to use this bot, feel free to view our wiki!

🔰 Hosting it yourself?

There's only two steps required to get this bot up-and-running. Our release builds only support 64-bit, if you'd like to run this on a different architecture you will have to compile the project yourself, this is also true if you wish to host this bot on MacOS.

  1. Copy the repository's .env.example as a .env file & fill in required information
  2. Download our latest release build & place it in the same directory as the .env file. For windows download discord-compiler-bot.exe & for linux download discord-compiler-bot.
  3. Start the bot

⚖️ License

This project's license is the GNU GPLv3 general purpose license.

🖼️ Icons

Icons made by Freepik and pixelmeetup from