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PIC (Pediatric Intensive Care) is a large pediatric-specific single-center bilingual database comprising information relating to children admitted to critical care units at a large children’s hospital in China. Data includes vital signs, medications, laboratory measurements, fluid balance, diagnostic codes, hospital length of stay, survival data, and more. The database is a supplement of widely used MIMIC database in pediatric critical care which was considered to have many unique characteristics with adult critical care and can support applications including academic and industrial research, quality improvement initiatives, and international data share.

The official website of PIC is available at

The administrator of PIC is Haomin Li (

/buildpic/mysql --with sql script to import PIC dataset into MySQL and create index on datatables

/demo -- some demos about how to use PIC dataset

/pic-doc --the source code of PIC document website

/pic-website --the source code of PIC website include the visulization solution of PIC

/statistics --the source code of python to show the statistics in PIC paper