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Heaps is a cross platform graphics engine designed for high performance games. It's designed to leverage modern GPUs that are commonly available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Heaps is currently working on:

  • HTML5 (requires WebGL1, WebGL2 is supported as well)
  • Mobile (iOS, Android, and tvOS)
  • Desktop with OpenGL (Win/Linux/OSX) or DirectX (Windows only)
  • Consoles (Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, XBox One - requires being a registered developer)
  • Flash Stage3D

The Heaps API is comprised of several top level packages, namely:

  • h2d used for 2D display (for 2D games and user interfaces)
  • h3d used for rendering 3D models
  • hxd contains cross platform classes such as Bitmaps, and a complete resource loading and management framework
  • hxsl is the Heaps Shader Language implementation

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