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A simple network sniffer in WPF - C#
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This little tool is just a toy stuff completed in a Class of Network Security, so there might be some errors and incompleteness and I am not maintaining it anymore. Please do remember to use it on your own risks.

Windows 7, Windows 8.0 and Window 8.1


Visual Studio 2013


  • sniff all the data in a LAN
  • details of the data will be given
  • can be filtered by ip, port and protocol both in source and target side
  • the crowded central panel can be cleared up any time by a single click on 'clear button' but the collected data will not be removed and can be used later by filtering
  • double click on the clear button will remove all the collected data
  • selecting any item in the list will present the details at the bottom panel
  • data details include its string value and its hexidecimal value
  • selecting the string value will automatically invoke the hexidecimal values be selected for interaction and further checking
  • related statistics will also be presented at the right bottom
  • filtering can also be used after data collection
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