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Tools for hacking Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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TH Hacking Toolkit

Tools for hacking Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Requires .NET Framework v. 4.6

What is this?

This is a toolkit for editing data of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. So far there is a character editor for stats, growths, skills, spell lists, crests and more. I am planning to release more tools in the future so stay tuned.

If you want to contribute, your help is very welcome.

If you don't want to use the toolkit there is also a folder with useful Nightmare Modules.

No support for extracting contents - This toolkit works directly with Data1.bin so it should be very easy to use anyway. No need to extract files for now.

Crest and Spell editor

Priorities for the next release:

  • Adding a class editor
  • Adding a combat art list editor [DONE]
  • Creating a basic randomizer
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