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* Hide player deck in Battlegrounds
- Fixes #1150

* Update kotlin_hslog version

* Filter available BG minions

* Add turn counter to BG
Improve BG board capture
Fix swiftlint warnings

* Fix UI code called from background thread

* Move code signing to separate file to make it easier to develop locally
Switch the identities/team in the new Config.xcconfig file to switch.
Default is the same as used to be in the project file

* Add average damage to BobsBuddy
Move Battlegrounds settings to separate section of preferences dialog
Add available races to HSReplay upload

* Fix turn counter to use correct setting

Co-authored-by: Francisco Moraes <>

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HSTracker is an automatic deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on macOS.


  • Requirements:
  • Download the latest version from here
  • Extract the archive
  • Move to your Applications directory
  • Launch HSTracker before Hearthstone
  • Create a new deck from the Deck Manager or import it from a deckstring. HSTracker will also auto-detect the deck you play with.

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Deck Tracker

Deck Tracker

Deck Manager

Deck Manager Integration

HSTracker uploads your games to


HSTracker is released under the MIT license.

All Hearthstone assets are copyright © Blizzard Entertainment.

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