HSTracker is deck tracker and game manager for Hearthstone on macOS
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HSTracker is a Hearthstone deck tracker for macOS 10.10+.

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Community :

  • Join HearthSim #hstracker
  • Join the chat at https://gitter.im/HearthSim/HSTracker
  • HearthSim: HSTracker is a HearthSim project. Come join us in #hearthsim on chat.freenode.net.
  • Twitter: Follow @hstracker_mac for updates / questions :)


Deck Tracker

Deck Tracker

Deck Manager

Deck Manager

Is Blizzard okay with this ? Yes

Is it against the TOS ? No


  • Download the last version from this page
  • Extract the archive
  • Move HSTracker.app to your Applications directory
  • Launch (make sure Hearthstone is not running when you first launch HSTracker) !
  • Create a new deck from the Deck Manager or import it from HearthPwn, Hearthstone-decks, Hearthstats, Hearthhead, Hearthnews and many more


Complete changelog is here


Feel free to fork and pull-request, as well as filling new issues

In order to compile, you have to

  • Clone the code. Make a fork on github!

    git clone https://github.com/HearthSim/HSTracker.git
  • Get / update swift dependencies using Carthage

    carthage update --platform osx
  • Fetch and update the submodule code (HSTracker-OpenCV)

    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  • Install SwiftLint, example using Homebrew:

    brew install swiftlint
  • Open the project in XCode and build

    • If you run into code signing errors, disable it by setting "Don't Code Sign" in the "Build Settings"


Donations are always appreciated



HSTracker is released under the MIT license.