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Hearthstone/Github bot for Discord.

DM the bot !help for usage.

Available commands

  • !card [partial_name|"exact_name"|CardID|DbfID]
    • Use !cardc to search for collectible and !cardn for non-collectible cards only
    • Supported flags:
      • --tags: Lists all tags on the card
      • --reqs: Lists all play requirements for the card
      • --lang=[enUS|deDE|zhCN|...]: prints card name, text and flavor text in given language
  • !enum [EnumName] [partial_name|"exact_name"|value]
    • EnumName can be the class name or the original name
    • Supports multipe names/values (e.g. !enum CardClass 1 2 3 warr)
  • !tag [partial_name|"exact_name"|value] (equivalent to !enum GameTag)

Github issue linking

  • Automatically links the corresponding issue for [prefix]#\d+ (see sample config)
  • Supports multiple issues per message, e.g. We need to fix hdt#133 and hdt#1731.
  • Supports linking issues without required prefix for specific channels. E.g., #123 in channel "hdt" will also link to the issue (using the sample config).