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Update Discord badge colors (#3065)

* Update Discord badge colors

The badge colors were blue, while you can use color codes (like 738bd7 used here). This changes the discord badge colors to 738bd7.

* Change to official Discord Blurple

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1 parent 582497e commit b864e332025b5c63153cb5d507213aebed8bbb19 @judge2020 judge2020 committed with azeier Jan 5, 2017
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@@ -20,12 +20,12 @@ FAQ
- Please read the [coding style and Commit/Pull Request guidelines](
-- [![joindeveloper#hdt](](
+- [![joindeveloper#hdt](](
- [![Join the chat at](](
-- [![Join HearthSim #hdt](](
+- [![Join HearthSim #hdt](](
- **HearthSim**: Hearthstone Deck Tracker is a [HearthSim]( project. Come join us in #hearthsim on

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