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Hearthy is a decoder for the network protocol used by Hearthstone. This project is still in early stages of development. Only the game protocol has been implemented so far.


System requirements:

Python requirements:

The easiest way to install the Python requirements is to use virtualenvwrapper:

mkvirtualenv -r requirements.txt -p `which python3` hearthy

To return to this virtualenv later, run:

workon hearthy

The card database and the protocol definitions are kept in separate repositories, which are included into Hearthy via a Git submodules. To fetch or update this external data, run the bootstrap script:


You can re-run the bootstrap script to update the submodules and regenerate the protocol buffer code.


Some basic UI tools for exploring protocol dumps are provided. tk ui tk ui

The ui tools work on capture files generated by helper/hcapture.c. You can invoke the ui using the hearthy.ui.tkmain module:

python3 -m hearthy.ui.tkmain <capturefile>

This also works on live captures if you use a pipe, i.e.:

tail -c+0 -f <capturefile> | python3 -m hearthy.ui.tkmain /dev/stdin

Supported Packets

The following packets are currently supported: Note: S->C means the server sends it to the client

Packet Name Dir Description
PowerHistory S>C State changes
UserUI Bi UI actions
TurnTimer S>C Seconds left in turn
GetGameState C>S Game state query
StartGameState S>C Game/Player info
FinishGameState S>C Sent after StatGameState
GameSetup S>C Game Board and Rules
GameCancelled S>C Game has been cancelled
EntityChoice S>C Used during mulligan
ChooseEntities C>S Response to EntityChoice
AllOptions S>S List of possible client actions
ChooseOption C>S Response to AllOptions
BeginPlaying S>C Playing mode
AuroraHandshake C>S Identification
GameStarting S>C Sent after login
PreLoad ??? ???
PreCast ??? ???
Notification ??? ???
NAckOption ??? ???
GiveUp ??? Concede?
DebugMessage ??? ???
ClientPacket ??? ???

For detailed contents of the packets see protocol.mtypes.

Example Usage

The usual usage of this package is to use the protocol.utils.Splitter class to split a network stream into packets followed by protocol.decoder.decode_packet to decode the packets.

from hearthy.protocol.utils import Splitter
from hearthy.protocol.decoder import decode_packet
from hearthy.protocol import mtypes

s = Splitter()

while True:
    buf =
    for message_type, buf in s.feed(buf):
        decoded = decode_packet(message_type, buf)
        # do something with the decoded packet
        # test which packet it is using
        # e.g. isinstance(decoded, mtypes.AuroraHandShake)

Network Capture

A tool to automatically record tcp streams has been included in helper/hcapture.c. It uses libnids which uses libpcap to capture network traffic and performs tcp defragmentation and reassembly. The tool looks for tcp connections on port 1119 and saves them to a file. Only linux is currently supported - patches are welcome.

To compile:

gcc hcapture.c -Wall -lnids -o capture


./capture -i mynetworkiface outfile.hcapng

Python code to decode the capture file is provided in datasource/


Reads a hcapture capture file and splits the network streams into packets.

import sys
from datetime import datetime

from hearthy.datasource import hcapng
from hearthy import exceptions

class Connection:
    def __init__(self):
        self._s = [Splitter(), Splitter()]

    def feed(self, who, buf):
        for atype, buf in self._s[who].feed(buf):
            # decode and handle packet
d = {}
with open(filename, 'rb') as f:
    gen = hcapng.parse(f)

    header = next(gen)
    print('Recording started at {0}'.format(
        datetime.fromtimestamp(header.ts).strftime('%Y.%m.%d %H:%M:%S')))

    for ts, event in gen:
        if isinstance(event, hcapng.EvClose):
            if event.stream_id in d:
                del d[event.stream_id]
        elif isinstance(event, hcapng.EvData):
            if event.stream_id in d:
                except exceptions.BufferFullException:
                    # Usually means that the tcp stream wasn't a game session.
                    del d[event.stream_id]
        elif isinstance(event, hcapng.EvNewConnection):
            d[event.stream_id] = Connection()


Hearthstone Protocol Encoder/Decoder written in Python 3







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