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SabberStone 2.1

Massive changes and updates are applied! Please check the Changelog:


State of Implementation: 98% (Rise of Shadows 94%, Rastakhan's Rumble 95%, The Boomsday Project 98%, The Witchwood 99%) of current Standard Cards (Year of the Dragon)! (23.07.2019)

SabberStone is just another Hearthstone simulator and implementation, written in C#. The project was started in Nov'16 while trying to implement aura, buffs & triggers into Brimstone. Focused to prototype my so called onion system I created SabberStone, which is using a layer approach to handle entity changing enchantments. Since then I haven't stopped implementing day by day new cards, new tests and new stuff. I created for fun a visualisation and a scoring based tree search a.i. which can be used to play games (SabberStoneGui).

By now this is a one man show, but there is still a lot of work to do, so any help is appreciated. The base code of Brimstone was a great inspiration for this project. Big thanks to @Pattux, @Patashu for helping on hearthstone super science problems ^^ thx @Katy for inspiration. And thx a lot to @Citiral, @BertP for working out on the stove implementation. And thx to @Milva who did a refactoring on the aura & enchantment system, with great value and is working hard for this project! You're welcome!

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Sabberstone Simulator has an own visualisation and client/server architecture for AI research! Preview SabberStone connected to the Stove project

Project Structure

  • SabberStoneCore (.NET Core)

    Core simulator engine, all the functions needed for the simulator are in here. Check out the Wiki Link for informations about the core and how to use it.

  • SabberStoneCoreTest (.NET Core)

    UnitTest for the simulator, there is a generated test for each card in the current game.

  • SabberStoneCoreConsole (.NET Core)

    A test project to run simple codeline based games to test outcome.

  • SabberStoneBasicAI (.NET Core)

    A test project to run A.I. simulations with predefinied decks and strategys.

  • (deprectated)SabberStoneGui (.NET Framework) (This is currently reworked in a Unity3D GUI Client with a GameServer)

    A test project that shows off a visual implementation of the SimpleAi project. This is probably where beginners should start looking at. There is a simple GUI which allows different decks to play against each other with different strategys. Check out the Wiki Link for informations about the use of SimpleUi.

Extension Projects

Cards Implementation

Basic & Classic

  • 100% Basic (142 Cards)
  • 100%% Classic (245 Cards)
  • 87% Hall of Fame (24 Cards)


  • 100% Blackrock Mountain (31 Cards)
  • 100% One Night in Karazhan (45 Cards)
  • 68% The League of Explorers (45 Cards) (needs to be upgraded to new system)


  • 94% Rise of Shadows (136 Cards)

  • 96% Rastakhan's Rumble (135 Cards)

  • 98% The Boomsday Project (136 Cards)

  • 99% The Witchwood (129 Cards)

  • 100% Kobolds and Catacombs (135 Cards)

  • 100% Knights of the Frozen Throne (135 Cards)

  • 100% Journey to Un'Goro (135 cards)

  • 93% The Grand Tournament (132 Cards) (needs to be upgraded to new system)

  • 100% Whispers of the Old Gods (134 Cards)

  • 100% Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (132 Cards)

  • 80% Goblins vs Gnomes (123 cards)

  • 100% Curse of Naxxramas (30 cards)

Not Implemented Standard Cards

Rise of Shadows

  • [DAL_377] Nine Lives
  • [DAL_431] Swampqueen Hagatha
  • [DAL_573] Commander Rhyssa
  • [DAL_729] Madame Lazul
  • [DAL_731] Duel!
  • [DAL_742] Whirlwind Tempest
  • [DAL_800] Zayle, Shadow Cloak

Rastakhan's Rumble

  • [TRL_318] Hex Lord Malacrass
  • [TRL_345] Krag'wa, the Frog
  • [TRL_522] Wartbringer
  • [TRL_532] Mosh'Ogg Announcer
  • [TRL_535] Snapjaw Shellfighter

The Boomsday Project

  • [BOT_436] Prismatic Lens
  • [BOT_914] Whizbang the Wonderful
The Witchwood
  • [GIL_655] Festeroot Hulk

(Standard is beeing prioritized.)



  • tbd


  • Wiki Link
  • SabberStoneBasicAI Link
  • Unity3D GUI Client & GameServer Link



SabberStone is licensed under the terms of the Affero GPLv3 or any later version.


SabberStone is being developed by darkfriend77 (