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HSReplay is a replay format for Hearthstone.

It is an XML-based format, with a structure closely mirroring that of the game's protocol.

The extension for HSReplay files is .hsreplay. The MIME Type is application/vnd.hearthsim-hsreplay+xml.


A Python reference implementation is available. It contains capabilities for reading the Power.log file generated by Hearthstone when logging is enabled.

For more information, see How to enable logging.

If you are interested in developing reference implementations in other languages, please get in touch through our #hearthsim channel (see below).


HSReplay is a HearthSim project. All development happens on our IRC channel #hearthsim on Freenode.


The HSReplay specification (and the specification alone) is licensed CC0. That means it is in the Public Domain, or as close to being in the Public Domain as possible depending on the applicable laws. The full license text is available in the LICENSE file.

The Python implementation is licensed MIT. The full license text is available in the python/LICENSE file.